Modern movies special effects

Over the years, motion pictures have changed from being two dimensional to three and even four dimensional. Today, only the director's imagination is the limit. A spaceship can blow up the Whitehouse while an alien can give you life, dinosaurs can walk the earth again and so can humanoids. With the modern movies special effects have become an integral part of everyday cinema. And this is certainly a welcome change.

With the advancements in special effects, anything is possible. Special effects are mainly of two types. These are optical effects and mechanical effects. With the digital world finding application in virtually every domain of life, a simple scene shot using a standard camera can be changed to anything. This is the most common technique that is used today. A simple scene is shot and then with a series of digital enhancing, it is changed to something entirely new.

Special effects have now become an integral part of the global film industry but don't think it's a new development. It began as early as in 1933 when Flying down to Rio was released to the American audience. This is when the world really woke up to the idea of larger than life movies which would show people exactly what they wanted to see. In the previous years, full time animation movies came into being. In some of the recent years, some of the biggest hits have been animated movies and every single production house has a dedicated team of special effect designers.

Some of the most well paying jobs in the movie industry today belong to the special effects team. Not only has this led to some pretty neat employment opportunities, it has made it a full time career on its own. Some of the most reputed schools and colleges globally offer courses in animation and adding special effects. Now that people have seen anything is possible, it is difficult to find even a single commercial movie without a scene involving some neat special effects. They have grown to become an inseparable part of the modern film industry.

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