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Release Date: 23 March 2007

Genre: Drama

Director: Ethan Hawke


A coming of age tale of a man dealing with own broken heart and his childhood broken family. His father, abandoned him at an early age, but the story he refers to memories of father and eventually pays him a visit. His heart is broken by a woman who lives in New York to get away on her own and be a singer, while he tries to be an actor. She reluctantly gets involved with him, having lots of hangs up about even having sex, from fear of being dumped, like she was by a past love. She breaks down and spends a week with him in Mexico country have nothing but sex, and later calling it the best time of her life. But, his intense and relentless pressure for her to commit to him as a girlfriend and even in marriage, which never comes about, drives her away. He finally, after a soul searching and head banging, goes to Texas to visit his estranged father of many years and discovers he has finally faced and dealt with his heartbreak, in a key and very powerful scene with Ethan Hawke as the father.

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